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We will be able to customise our service to your needs.


PPC - Paid-per-click advertising

We are experts in the following paid advertising platforms: Facebook, Google, Banner advertising, YouTube & more! We use this platforms to help grow your brand and generate high quality traffic to your website.

Landing Pages

We work on setting up the best landing page for lead generation that is as optimised for
conversions as it can be from the beginning.
The landing page would always include pop-ups for higher conversion rates, a thank you page with referral links included for social sharing.

Referral Competition

Referral competition can be a standalone service or an add-on to our landing pages. Our main
objective with the Referral competition is to drive referrals and get a lot of social sharing and
engagement for your business and thus free leads for your campaign.

Tracking & reporting

We strongly believe you cannot do marketing online if you do not collect data and use it for continuous improvements.
We collect data on return on ad spend and cost-per-lead so that you are always aware of where your money is being spent.

Crowdfunding page setup:

Setting up an Indiegogo or Kickstarter page can take a lot of your time.
We can jump to the rescue with our creative team, who knows what to say and how to sell it.

E-mail Marketing

E-mail marketing is key for any crowdfunding campaign.We will suggest the best e-mail marketing software for your needs, we will setup its back-end for success, prepare an effective content and frequency strategy, implement the design and tracking for you and of course - we will do the copy-writing.

Banner design and ad copy

We know how to use headlines and ad copy to our
advantage and how to play around with call-to-action copy and buttons. So you don’t need to
worry, we will test many different ad styles and give you feedback on what works for what

Proof Reading

Sometimes non-native teams need our team to jump in and proof read your team's marketing
materials. We do anything from ad copy proof-reading to e-mail content, landing pages and
crowdfunding pages. Our English native team will make sure everything sounds right and looks

Social media management

Social media is key for any modern brand.
Using social media is important to reach out to those who follow your page and keep them updated. Having regular content
posted can show you as a trust company that customers would more likely to show interest.
Additionally, by using the content provided, we can take over your Facebook, Twitter & Instagram to voice your product in the online world and gain interest using organic reach.