We have helped raise over $100 million since 2016.

The only internationally awarded crowdfunding agency.

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Our Crowdfunding Services


Create the audience of early backers and get some initial market feedback. Nail your visuals and messaging BEFORE you hit the launch button!


We'll test a range of audiences to find the ones that are ready to actively endorse you and your product.

Crowdfunding Page

From working on the page flow and improving the general customer experience to creating your first designs our team has seen and done it all.

Kickstarter & Indiegogo Boost

Doing well on your own but wanna accelerate the traffic and number of pledges? We’ll flavor your campaign with the secret Nuuk sauce.

Tracking & Reporting

We will present you with a tracking dashboard summarising everything in an easy to digest way.

Market testing

Know what you are getting into with your product launch and plan better through first doing a market fit test. Understand your audience and positioning better, and also set your expectations for the launch.


Visit our Crowdfunding Website

See what Nuuk's been up to in the crowdfunding space by visiting our dedicated website.


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