Pick n Mix

There is a reason why pick n mix sweets taste better - after all they gave you the taste of what YOU like best.

Our services are just like that too - fully customizable to give you the sweetest possible package. 

Marketing Pick n Mix

We provide fully customisable packages so we can be the perfect match for your business.

Get ready for a Nuuking
take off

Wonder how we can launch your business out of this stratosphere?

Go-To Market Strategy

Think of us as your Launch Control Centre - from creating your flight profile to adjusting your route we’ll be there to make sure you’re prepared for what’s out there.

Revenue Growth & Optimisation

Let us make sure your main engine has all the right elements to carry you safely through the bumpy e-commerce journey.

Crowdfunding & Product Launch

Getting ready for the take-off? We’ll serve as your second in command and make sure all the launch tick boxes are checked.

Community Growth & Management

We like to think of your customers as a centre of gravity for your business.

Get cleared for take-off with our Market fit test

Not sure where to start? Our Market Fit Testing ensures your product/campaign knows which way to head.

Understand Your Audience

The truth is everyone shops for everything - they may just need a different incentive / point of entry into your offering.

Speak Their Language

We’ll monitor your audience preferences to help you identify your social media junkies, your deal claimers and your newsletter followers.


Brand is not the reason to do things but rather an outcome of doing great things.

Upgrade As You Go

Get feedback from the perfect sample audience - the early adopters. Quiz them to create the perfect match.

Test Your Price Points

As there is no value beyond the user experience we can help you understand what price tag would your customer put on your product offering.

Test The

Bringing a product to the market is a massive financial commitment so if you can just dip your toe in and check what amount will keep you floating.

Fuel up for Revenue Growth & Optimization

Refuel your business with a custom-tailored marketing plan addressing your industry, product seasonality and retention strategy for your current customer base.

As a startup seeing our return on advertising investment is essential. Nuuk have not only helped us understand Facebook advertising better, but have also driven our YoY sales growth by 600%

Josh - Founder of Stand4Socks

Find the right point of entry

Let us help you build a bullet proof strategy that will see those conversions soaring.

Diversify your crowd

Reach new audiences and find new customers.

Re-define your sales funnel

We’ll help you map the moments that matter to help you stop the conversions slipping away.

Launch Right. Crowdfund Right.

If you’re thinking of taking it from local to global we can get the crowds going for you. Whether you’re prepping to make your concept a reality and looking to secure funds via crowdfunding or simply adding a new product to the existing range we have the tools to make your launch an event of the year.

Landing Pages

Chose from our selection of battle-tested, conversion-optimized templates to build the initial exposure in a clean and user-friendly way.

Let’s Get Social

If you don’t have time or human power to post, react and engage, we’ll take over and sell the love. And we’re good at it too!

Get The Word Out!

By deploying the mix of the most popular social media channels we’ll create the ultimate buzz around your launch.


Let us spill some of that secret sauce - get insights into best practices, useful tips on your strategy and some 1-on-1 time with our crowdfunding gurus.

Email Marketing

We'll take over your subscriber communication to make sure they feel like a part of a real community.

Branding 101

Branding is so much more than just a set of visual and language associations. We’ll test to help you develop what we hope will become a part of your future brand identity.

Develop the centre of gravity around your community.

If you want to become more organic, more word-of-mouth fueled or see increased brand / business loyalty our Community Growth & Management Service could just be the thing for you.

Nuuk continually provides exceptional services while also being a pleasure to work with.

Adam Coe - Evil Controllers


Stay seasonal, stay current, stay on-brand all year around.


Your brand really needs to shine through on social - a comment can make or break one’s purchase intention,


We’ll make sure your DMs are cleared and most importantly replied to in an on-brand way.

Too spoilt for choice?

Worry not, we know it can be overwhelming!

Drop us a message and we'll get you connected with one of our account managers to discuss things further.